Wrapped by Tassel

3:03 AM

After a month of being stuck at home and struggling through those boring days, my sister and I agreed to spend this weekend by stroll along the streets and visit some places around Jakarta. 
Because the weather was uncertain, I confused about what outfit to wear. The weather on that day was plenty warm and windy. I just bought a long sleeves crop top and decided to wear it. I combined the crop top with a suitable grey skirt which I found in my closet. It was good, but, I thought I can't go out on a windy day with just wearing a crop top and skirt. I need something to 'wrap'. So, I picked my tasseled cardigan as a wrap. It wasn't just a perfect wrap, it looked so stylish!
I always love tassel, I don't know why, but, it brings ethnic vibe to the look. Besides the tassel, I love this cardigan because of it's creamy color.

Nah, ready for the stroll!

Lately, I love wearing boots. I think boots have similar function to the tasseled cardigan of mine. You'll get comfort (because boots warm your legs), and look stylish at the same time!


Bern x

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  1. your bag is stunning ! i love it ! :)


  2. Like the outfit, specially the jacket. :)

    xx, Bella

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  7. That's what i wanted to see. Great outfit, thanks!

    Anna from alcofermbrew.de

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