Sunday, June 21, 2015


So excited about this post!
Okay, lately I found myself being obsessed with kimono style. I think kimono is cute yet cool outfit. I like to mix my own style with various unique outfits. 
Finally, I thought to mix and match my black and white polkadot patterned kimono with a piece of black and white gingham dress that also mine. I wore a leather belt as an obi--- literally a sash, and part of the kimono--- . I also added a matching color for my shoes and my clutch. 

 And this is the result, it named KIMONOchrome style! 

So, tell me on the comment, what is your favorite outfit?

Polkadot patterned kimono by Cool Teen // Gingham dress by Studio 17 // Shoes by Amanda Jane's // Clutch by Zalora // Sunglasses by Ray-Ban