DIY Felt Flower Brooch

1:04 AM

Hi wonderful readers! After a few weeks of  being at home, I feel bored...

You know, I'm currently in a gap period, a period before going to university after finishing high school. So, instead of  not doing anything at home, I made this DIY project.
Tadaaaa, a felt flower brooch!

Do you like it? :) If you like it and want to know how to make it, I will show you the steps.
Let's start it!

First, you need to prepare the materials. The materials are:
                • scissor
                • glue
                • brooch / pin
                • felt fabrics

After that, cut the felt fabrics into shapes we want to make; flower petals and the flower pistil.
For the flower pistil, you need to cut a felt fabric lengthwise--it's for the center part of the flower-- and then, again, cut the fabric lengthwise also but wider than the first one. Make it fringed by cutting one side of the fabric.

Take the first fabric cut and roll it.

Take the fringed cut, glue it, and stick it to the roll.

The flower pistil is done! Next, we're going to make the flower!

Take the flower petals and glue them one by one. Then, stick it to the pistil.

The flower is done! And the final step is, glue the flower and stick it to the brooch or pin.

Well done! The felt flower brooch is ready to wear! 

I hope this tutorial can be useful and makes us be more productive. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment down below about your gap year experience!

B x

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  1. What a beautiful brooch!!!! ❤️
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  2. Wow! That is such a cute brooch. Great job.

    March and May

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